Although the term "Starving Artist" does not apply to the Painter, Kerream Jones, the hunger of the self-described visual griot is evident in the sensual depths of his paintings, the relentless drive of his business ventures, and in his appreciation for all things creative, expressive, and true. Since beginning his journey toward artistic excellence as a high school student, Kerream has gone on to create some of the most definitive and distinctive work to emerge out of the modern era of fine art. Among them are Long Day, Sleeping Beauty, and Déjà Vu: evocative and iconic pieces steeped in rich earth tones and languid poses. Kerream’s work effortlessly infuses the bright and dark realities of life with the fantasy of frozen moments. Emotions seem to leap off his brush, land on the canvas, and distill art from the vapors of life.

Kerream Jones was born in 1978 in Reading, PA and now resides in Atlanta, GA. Jones’ work has led him to received commissions from Verzion Wireless, Pepsi, Upscale Magazine, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, the City Of Chicago, Martell and various non-profit organizations. He attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and later graduated from the American InterContinental University to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Degree. Having developed an ever-growing following of art lovers, his work is in the hands of private collectors worldwide.