About Me


A self-proclaimed visual griot, Kerream Jones was born in 1978 in Reading, PA, and currently calls Atlanta, GA home. Embarking on his artistic journey during high school, Kerream pursued his passion at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he delved into graphic design, and later at the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, where he earned a degree in visual communications. Since then, Kerream has crafted some of the most defining and unique pieces in the contemporary fine art landscape. His creations seamlessly blend the vibrant and somber facets of life with the enchantment of suspended moments, capturing emotions that leap from his brush to the canvas, distilling art from the ephemeral essence of life. Jones's artistic endeavors have garnered significant recognition, leading to commissions from esteemed companies like Kaiser Permanente, Verizon Wireless, Pepsi, Upscale Magazine, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, the City of Chicago, Martell, and various non-profit organizations. As his art community continues to grow, Kerream Jones's masterpieces have found a cherished place in private collections among art enthusiasts worldwide.


Artist Statement

My inaugural painting depicted a tranquil still-life arrangement featuring a stuffed white cat beside a vase brimming with languid yellow flowers. Reflecting on the artwork, memories of the yellow blooms adorning my grandmother's window, the flowers gracing my aunt's grave, and the white cat reclining on the edge of my father's sofa flooded my thoughts. This contemplation spurred a profound question: How could I encapsulate the essence of these poignant moments for both myself and others?

The answer, I soon discovered, lay in faith. Observing the traces of the past and present within my own narrative, I recognized an abundance of evidence. To me, faith is a byproduct of wholeheartedly believing that one's passion can align with their purpose. When I observe fellow artists veering away from their true aspirations, I often discern the influence of fear—a comprehensible sentiment given the current climate. Yet, I firmly believe that many are hindered by a limited perspective, driven by the fear of perceived failure. This fear often leads to compromises, accepting jobs devoid of passion, and sets individuals on a well-trodden yet ultimately unfulfilling path.

I nearly succumbed to this conventional route, a common trajectory for recent art school graduates—securing a full-time job while being a "part-time artist," time permitting. However, I was resolute in not depending on galleries or agents to showcase my work. Instead, I entrusted that my distinctive style and diverse subject matter would resonate with audiences locally and internationally.

As an independent artist, my objective was to traverse with my art, participating in exhibitions at festivals and fairs. This endeavor yielded measured success, providing me with the opportunity to cultivate a collector base and showcase my work in prestigious museums, galleries, and corporate commissions.

Yet, all these achievements would be in vain without the unwavering faith of my supporters and myself in the strokes of my brush. Above all, faith has proven to be the catalyst for genuine artistic growth, a truth that holds steadfast in my own artistic journey.