About Me


Kerream Jones was born in 1978 in Reading, PA and now resides in Atlanta, GA. Jones’ work has led him to received commissions from Verzion Wireless, Pepsi, Upscale Magazine, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, the City Of Chicago, Martell and various non-profit organizations. He attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and later graduated from the American InterContinental University to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Degree. Having developed an ever-growing following of art lovers, his work is in the hands of private collectors worldwide.



Artist Statement

My first painting was a still-life model of a stuffed white cat beside a vase filled with lazy yellow flowers. I remember looking at the painting and daydreaming about the yellow flowers that sat next to my grandmother’s window or the flowers on my aunt’s grave, or the white cat which laid on the edge of my father's sofa. I began to question how could I capture the spirit of these things for myself and others.

I discovered that it is simply faith. I see evidence of the past and present; and there's an abundance of it in my own narrative. I look at it as a derivative of having total belief that your passion can be your purpose, simultaneously. When I consider my fellow artists not doing or working toward what they love, I usually see the evidence of fear. It's an understandable fear, given the times. But I think, still, that many are shackled by short-term vision. We don't operate in the “big-picture sense” because we are largely scared of not being successful, or not being perceived as successful. That fear leads to jobs we're not passionate about; and that initial compromise leads to a road often traveled but almost always less fulfilling.

I almost found myself on that road as it was the typical thing for recent art school graduates to do: Get a full-time job and be a “part-time artist” -- if time permitted. But I was determined not to wait on galleries or agents to promote my work. Instead, I trusted that my style of work and range of subject matter would appeal to many here and abroad.

I set a goal, as an independent artist, to travel with my art and exhibit at art festivals and fairs. I’ve had measured success, and have been afforded the opportunity to establish a collector base and exhibit in prestigious museums, galleries and through corporate commissions.

It would all be for naught if my supporters and I didn't have faith in my strokes. Above all, faith has proven to be the perfect catalyst for true artistic growth -- mine included.