"Train Ride Home"
"Train Ride Home"
"Train Ride Home"
Kerream Jones Art

"Train Ride Home"

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The painting entitled "Train Ride Home" was a created in 1998 . This painting depicts a elder man riding a bus or train home. It's a historic and great piece to add your home. 

Below is a short story of how the original painting was Lost & Found.

In the Summer of 2015 I received an unexpected phone call from a woman about a piece of art she found at the Clayton County Performance Art Center. My mind was racing trying to figure out which painting she discovered. The only piece I could think of was one particular painting that I created for a high school art competition in 1998. The next day, Ms. Newcomb met with me at my home to return the painting. She mentioned that a custodian at the center was cleaning out a room and she noticed the painting. The painting took her back in time when she was a college student, riding on the train to Savannah.

My only question to her was ‘how in the world did you find me?’ Her reply was "Google search." Strangely enough the performance art center was across the street from where I reside.

There are periods in life where we question our paths, but there are incidents like these that will remind you of your purpose.


Printed on acid free Fine Art Paper

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