Art by Kerream Jones


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A self-described visual griot, Kerream Jones was born in 1978 in Reading, PA and now resides in Atlanta, GA. Since beginning his journey toward artistic excellence as a high school student, Kerream attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied graphic design, and the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, where he graduated with a degree in visual communications. Kerream has gone on to create some of the most definitive and distinctive work to emerge out of the modern era of fine art. His work effortlessly infuses the bright and dark realities of life with the fantasy of frozen moments. Emotions seem to leap off his brush, land on the canvas, and distill art from the vapors of life.

A consummate businessman as well as a passionate artist, Kerream is the owner of Kamarja Art, a publishing and fine art company he founded in 1999 that serves as the distribution force behind his expanding collection of original works, limited editions, artist’s proofs, and prints. Determined to allow his talents to work for him, Kerream has succeeded in establishing Kamarja as a formidable enterprise, building a respectable collector base and traveling to cities across the country as a featured artist in well received and vastly popular exhibits and shows. Ambitious to a fault, focused to the highest degree, and motivated by the desire to create and distribute works of powerful art, Kerream continues to set new standards by broadening Kamarja’s influence in the marketplace and branding his own name and style in the minds of consumers from all different walks of life.

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Wasting little time, Kerream immediately set about the task of joining the art community in Atlanta and constructing a business operation that would serve as a platform for his burgeoning catalogue.

A long with several personal appearances on television, Kerream’s work has appeared in such publications as Upscale, the Dallas News, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, the 2003 Pepsi Black History Calendar, and other major media. In 2007 Kerream was chosen as the featured artist for the 29th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival, an honor that included the commission of his piece Mixing It Up as the event’s official design image for marketing and promotional materials.